This is where you can find out everything you need to know about reserving and equipping your trade fair stand at the «2nd Pillar trade fair». You can exhibit at the trade fair with a 12 m² modular stand for as little as CHF 8700.

Floor plan

The 2nd Pillar trade fair and the Symposium take place at the halle 3 and 4 at the Messe Zurich. You can book a modular stand or a space for your own stand (extra costs for own stand). Stand areas are divided into categories 1 and 2, which differ according to location. The 2020 floor plan you can download here.


Stand assignment procedure

We will do all we can to meet our customers’ preferences as far as possible. Experience has nevertheless shown that certain stand areas will attract several interested parties, which is why we have opted for a fair and transparent procedure:

5 March-31 May 2019 – phase 1
All parties (past and new) interested in a stand can submit their order to VPS-Verlag; stands will be definitively allocated immediately after phase 1 is completed. If several parties have a preference for the same stand at the end of phase 1, the stand will be allocated in accordance with the following priorities:

- Sponsors
- Previous stand holders
- Sale of advertisements, past trade fair participation and customer loyalty

1 June 2019 to present – phase 2
«first come – first served»

Experience shows that the most popular stand spaces are quickly reserved, so it is in your interests to act quickly. In order to ensure the best possible coordination in the allocation of stand spaces, they will not be definitively confirmed until a later date.


Examples of trade fair stands

We have had a successful working relationship with stand builder Andreas Messerli AG, who has been providing us with the modern and functional modular stand, for over ten years. You can, of course, arrange for Andreas Messerli AG to build you an individual stand. Attached to this information is a presentation folder for the modular stand and photos of examples.

Presentation  |  Modular stand  |  Own stand

Downloads logos and banners

You can use logos and banners to complement your promotional activities.
Symposium logo  .jpg  |  .png  |  .ai  |  .eps  |  .pdf
2nd Pillar trade fair logo  .jpg  |  .eps
Banner 175x20mm  .png  |  .pdf
Banner 350x150px  .png  |  .pdf
Banner 468x60px  .png .pdf
Banner 550x200px  .png  |  .pdf (English)


Exhibitor and sponsorship contract

The contract contains detailed information about prices, modular stand services, sponsorship packages, etc. The 2020 exhibitor and sponsorship contract can you download here.


Exhibitor portraits for special edition

Every exhibitor is given the opportunity to have a portrait with a logo. The portrait will be published in the special edition. In addition to the detailed programme and the exhibitors portraits, it contains preparatory articles on the topics to be discussed at the Symposium. Only exhibitors at 2nd Pillar trade fair are able to advertise in this special edition.
04 Nov   2019  Distribution of the form.
22 Nov   2019  Submit the portrait to VPS-Verlag.
22 April 2020 Publication print | digital afterwards.



Every exhibitor will receive their own voucher-code for their guests, which can be used as many times as desired. The guest-voucher-code can be used by guests to register at
16 Dec 2019  Guest-voucher-codes are sent out.

Every week you will receive an updated list of the guests who have registered using your guest-voucher-code.
25 Feb 2020  We start sending out the registration list.


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